Tropical Storm Imelda

was the 5th wettest tropical cyclone to hit the U.S. It caused record breaking flooding through much of South East Texas, many of which were still in recovery from 2017’s Hurricane Harvey.

The total damage to the region was an excess of $5 billion dollars. The start of Imelda reminded us much of the start of Hurricane Harvey. The water rose fast, and in the middle of night, when no one was expecting it too. Brittmoore Rescue was activated at 5am that morning as reports of rescues needed were starting to pour in.

Brittmoore Rescue, collaborating with the Cajun Navy Relief, would perform rescues for the better part of 5 days, bringing in boats from all over Texas, as well as a military grade “deuce and a half” out of Dallas, and long bed trailers for moving supplies. Over the course of two weeks they would move tons of pallets of water, and donated good across South East Texas.